Thursday, August 22, 2013

On The Chopping Block

On the Chopping Block - 6 x 6 Oil on Gesso Board

It’s been a busy year. My new task earlier this year was to go out and find a job...  but easier said than done apparently.  After much searching and no finding, I decided to go back to school.  So along with my job search, I’ve now been taking classes.  And, I signed up for a two-person mixed-media show at a local gallery and got involved in a sizeable art project with some local Milford artists for Michigan’s own Art Prize.  (If you are in Grand Rapids during Art Prize, check it out in the Harris Building. It’s called “Connected: Art From a Spiritual Perspective”.)  

But I am done with all that for the moment and taking a little break. I will be back to school full time in September, but for a week or two anyway, I am going to do some daily painting… doggonit.  I have missed all the daily painting and blogging and comments and the whole DPW community.

The piece above was done a few months ago when I had a spare moment.  Just wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten everything I learned about oil painting!


  1. I've missed your beautiful work! Best of luck to you with your schooling and job hunting. We all take breaks for our busy lives, but I'm glad you posted these lovely apples.

  2. So glad to see more artwork. Love your work. So inspiring.

  3. Yes I love your work, too. It super tuff making a living from art....I've never been able to do it. Best of luck BUT keep on painting and'll make a little pocket change for new supplies.