Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple & Blueberries

Apple & Blueberries - 6 x 6 oil on illustration board

Hi all, I'm finally starting my daily painting blog :)  Since attending the Carol Marine workshop in Chicago in December, which was highly inspiring, I've been practicing what I learned and building up a small cache of paintings.  This first painting was actually done back in 2010 when I discovered the whole idea of daily painting.  I am posting this one so you will be able to see where I am coming from, and hopefully a progressive improvement.  I have found that since the workshop, though I haven't been able to paint every day, I've painted nearly every day, and much, much more than I have in the past.


  1. Beautiful, Candace! I love your composition, brushwork, edges and color...very appealing!

  2. Hi Candance, congrats on getting started!!! It is the first big hurdle, this looks wonderful! But now that you are on DPW, you will probably be better about keeping it up. Great start, and I will look forward to what you do!!!!

  3. What a great start, Candace. This is just beautiful!